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These rear seat grab handles attach to the headrest posts of your jk, jl, or jt's front seats. the paracord grab handles come in pairs and are available in a vibrant red and black finish. features and benefits of the pair of rugged ridge paracord headrest grab handles (13305.81): - crafted from nylon parachute cord, meet this pair of paracord grab handles from our neighbors over at surprise straps. these handles easily fit around the front headrests of your f150 or anywhere else you see fit. each surprise strap handle is made out of high-quality paracord that is all tightly woven together and has the ability to support over 550lbs..

Jk jeep paracord handles: so i wanted to buy grab handles for my jk but i have been really bored lately, and i'm super cheap. so i learned how to braid paracord. i played around with paracord for a little while so i am not sure if it is completely right but it works for me.