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Owens-corning-rafter-baffles, owens corning™ raft-r-mate® attic rafter vents: assist in the constant flow of fresh air from soffit vent to the ridge by preventing blockage of the airway at the soffit. create a balanced ventilation system to help provide comfort in all seasons and help prevent roof damage.. Owens corning raft-r-mate attic vent is an extruded polystyrene foam vent designed to assure unrestricted airflow from the soffit to the ridge vent. additionally, raft-r-mate attic vent has an optional bend down air stop or insulation block at the top plate of the wall in one easy-to-install product., an attic with balanced ventilation has undereave or soffit vents, which allow fresh air into the attic. the fresh air flows up between rafters to the ridge, where a ridge vent, roof vents or gable vents allow the air to exit..

"owens corning" raft-r-mate *22.5"w x 48"l *the shape of the product is designed to prevent attic or rafter cavity insulation from covering the eave or soffit vents or from expanding to fill cavity airways and restricting airflow *helps to maintain ventilation through the thickest part of insulation *reduces heating and cooling costs *works in both new and retrofit construction, excess moisture can lead to mold, ice damming and potential roof damage when it becomes trapped in your customer’s attic. raft-r-mate® attic rafter vents help attic insulation perform at its best..

B a 5 4 3 2 1 working toward the peak of the roof, place and staple subsequent step raft-r-mate ® vents between rafters. leave a 2" gap between vents for batt insulation or a ½" gap for loosefill insulation., product data sheet raft-r-mate® attic rafter vents with optional air stop/insulation block 2. the vent should extend some distance beyond the top of the. B a 5 4 3 2 1 upon completing steps 1–3, proceed to steps 4 & 5. working toward the peak of the roof, continue to place and staple subsequent raft-r-mate vents between rafters. if a full length vent will not fi t, overlap or cut one to, owens corning raft-r-mate attic vents are designed to allow fresh air to pass from the soffit to the attic of your home. this process keeps excessive heat from building up in your attic and reduces your summer energy bills. these vents also remove trapped moisture and prevent ice dams from forming and causing costly roof damage during the winter.